Task 16
Task 16
SHC Task 16

Photovoltaics in Buildings

Project (Task) Description

Before there can be extensive use of photovoltaics in the building sector, not only must the cost of PV system be reduced, but there needs to be a better understanding of how to effectively integrate photovoltaics into the building, from both an engineering and architectural standpoint.

Task 16 is dealing with those architectural and engineering integration issues. The objectives are to maximize the overall solar contribution to the building, to understand how to effectively integrate PV with the building structure, to understand the relationship with other elements of the building's energy system, and to optimize the economics. Both residential and commercial buildings and both grid-connected and stand-alone buildings are included.

Through the use of surveys, information is being compiled on existing PV components and systems, energy-efficient electric appliances, safety issues, and codes and regulations. Another element of the task involves the exploration of various methods in integrating modules into building roofs and facades. This is being accomplished at the IEA Demosite in Lausanne, Switzerland where different integration approaches are being tested and demonstrated. In addition, an international workshop on mounting technologies has been held. The design and construction of demonstration buildings by participating countries is yet another significant aspect of this Task.

Task 16 is also sponsoring an international design competition for PV buildings.